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Incline Your Heart Unto the Lord -

Incline Your Heart Unto the Lord
Read: Joshua 24:18-28

Joshua 24:23 (Whole Chapter)
Now therefore put away, said he, the strange gods which are among you, and incline your heart unto the LORD God of Israel.
                                                                                   Joshua was calling God's people to a renewed

 commitment of service and obedience to the

Lord. They responded by pledging to serve God

after which Joshua challenges them to "incline

your heart unto the LORD God of Israel." Our

hearts must be inclined toward the Lord, and

it is our responsibility to do so. If we are alert

and sensitive to our spiritual condition, we

can sense when our hearts are being inclined

toward or away from the Lord. We have a duty,

an obligation,-to incline our hearts in a Godly

direction. How is it that we might do this?

Joshua commanded the people to "put away"'

the strange gods which are among you..." Be-

fore they would be able to incline their hearts

toward The Lord, they would first have to put

away from their lives the objects of idolatry

that were present. The same is true for us. Our

hearts need to be inclined toward the Lord,

not to be drawn toward other things. What is

it that we have tolerated in our lives that distracts us from God and

He will? Perhaps it is leisure activities, or the pursuit of wealth or worldly success.  

Maybe it is prideful resistance to some part of

God's will for your life. Could it be selfishness about your time and

being unwilling to surrender your all to the Savior? Until these

these things are removed, the heart will not be inclined toward the Lord

as it should be.  The people then responded by saying' "His voice

will we obey." In order to keep our hearts inclined toward the Lord,

we must not only remove the-things that distract, but also we must

maintain a sincere commitment to obey the Word of God.  If we

will turn from besetting sins and love the things of God, our hearts

will be inclined toward Him.

Pastor Roberl A. Sorensen,
 Bethany Baptist Church, Ava, MO
 Today's Through the Bible Reading

Jeremiah 31,32; Titus 2