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His Name Is Wonderful - Isaiah 9:1-7 -Dr. Leon Foote

Tuesday, July 1 
lsaiah 9:1.7

His Name is

...his name shall be
called Wonderful...
- lsaiah 9:6

The word wonderful has many shades of mean-
ing such as causing wonder, that's Jesus,
marvelous, that's Jesus, remarkable, that's Him,
full of wonder, yes, out of the ordinary that's
Jesus also. We could go on, but let me give one
more meaning of the word wonderful, beyond
expectations. His mercy and grace does more
for us than we could expect.
Jesus was wonderful in eternity past where
Isaiah 6 tells us the angels worshipped him.
He was wonderful in the Old Testament as He
met Hagar in the wilderness, He had lunch
with Abraham, He wrestled with Jacob, He met
Samson's parents, He talked with Moses and
Gideon, and Judges l3: 19 says that" .. .and the
angel did wondrously. . .".

Jesus has a wonderful birth as one says caus-
ing surprise. No birth has ever been, nor can ever be like His. He
was born of a virgin in a stable, but a wonderful birth welcomed
by angels.

Jesus lived a wonderful life here upon planet earth. His words were
wonderful. "...Never_man spake like this man.,, (John 7:46). His
works were wonderful as He went about doing good, helping at a
marriage, healing the sick, feeding the multitudes, and raising the
dead. Jesus died a wonderful death, if death can be called Wonder-
fuI, His death was "...for our sins..." (I Cor. 15:3), and He died
the Just for the unjust to bring us to God in I peter 3:-18 because of
His wonderful love for mankind.

He has a wonderful ascension as the devil, the Romans, and the
priest could not keep Him in the grave! He is coming-again in
wonderful power to take us to a wonderful place.

Dr. Leon Foote, Evangelist, Canaan Baptist Church, Covington, GA

Today's Through the Bible Reading'

Job 21,22, Acts 10:1-23

Tuesday,July r
lsaiah 9:1.7

Too Late - Devotional - Matthew 7:22-23 - Dr. N. Smelts

Thursday,July 3
Matthew 7:21-23

Too Late

Many will say to me in
that day, Lord, Lord,
have we not prophesied
in thy name? and in
thy name have cast out
devils? and in thy name
done many wonderful
- Matthew 7:22

Two friends died on the same day and at the
same time. They found themselves at the Gate
Keeper. There were two gates: one leading to
hell and the other to heaven. The one man was
very excited as he walked through the gate to
heaven. His friend decided to follow him and as
he reached the gate the Gate Keeper said, "You
cannot go in. You must take the other gate."
The man was puzzled and said: "Why can't I
go with my friend?" The Gate Keeper told him
his friend had special credentials and his name
was written in "The Lambs Book of Life." The
man said," I have done everything my friend has
done. I have been a good person, gave money
to the church, and tried to be kind to everyone.
The Gate Keeper said, "That is good except
one thing. It is not about what you have done
in life, but it is about the One who can get you
through that gate." The man said, Well 'Who is that?"
The Gate Keeper said, "His Name is Jesus and
I see you have turned down His invitation many times while you
were alive. So you see your name is not in "The Lambs Book of
Life" and your friend's name is."  

"I see here that your friend invited you several times to meet Jesus,
but you said, not now," the Gate Keeper said. "So you will have to
go through this other gate."
"What can I do?" asked the man.
The Gate Keeper said: "It is too late now. You should have asked
when you had the chance."

Could it be that you have held off in asking Jesus into your life?
Tomorrow may be too late. Maybe you should do it now!

Dr. DavidN. SmeltzMissionaryEvangelist to Eastem Europe and Asia Europe/Asia

Today's Through the Bible Reading

Iob 26,27,28, Acts 11