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The Connecticut Tragedy

The Connecticut Tragedy

No words can express the pain of losing a child through violence.
The trauma, the heartbreak, the brokenness and the anger.

To never hear your child's laugh again, to never be able to hug them or comfort them.

To live a lifetime without them would be the most unbearable reality to have to face.


Lord, comfort the victims of the Connecticut tragedy.

Let their hearts know that their children are held in your loving arms.

Protect the children of our country and turn our nations heart back to you.

We know that this life is only a vapor and we will see these dear children again.
Lord, protect our children from the influences of this world that lead to this kind of violence.
Shelter the innocent hearts of our children.
My church and my family will keep you in our thoughts and prayers.
Our hearts a sorrowful for all the victims of this horrific crime.
November 15th, 2012

Susan Nikitenko


God Remembers

Genesis 8:1-22



And God remembered
Noah, and every
living thing, and all
the cattle that was
with him in the ark.,.
-Genesis 8:1
When I come to the close of a year and begin
to look and plan for another year, I reflect
on the year past and am drawn to the fact of
the faithfulness of God. From the time Noah
enter the Ark and God shut the door, until he
stepped off the Ark was approximately one year.
We read in Genesis 8:l "And God remembered
Noah. .. " I wonder if Noah ever wondered dur-
ing that long year, if God had forgotten. For
certain God does not forget or have a lapse of
memory God is all knowing and all present
and certainly all powerful. God remembered
three things.
God remembered His promise (Genesis 19:29).
God remembered Abraham after his judgment
on the cities of the plain. Numbers 10: 9 says
when you go to war against the enemy, "ye shall
be remembered before the Lord your God, and
ye shall be saved from your enemies." Isaiah
49:16 says, "Behold, I have graven thee upon
the palms of my hands; the walls are continually before me."
God remembered His purpose (Genesis 8:4 "The ark rested...sev-
enth month...seventeenth day..."). Picture the cross of Calvary
on which God's Son would purchase man's redemption giving
rest for the soul.
God remembered His plan (Genesis 8:5 "...the tops of the moun-
tains seen."). God's plan for Noah was to be fruitful and multiply
physically, but more important spiritually Genesis 8:20-21. God
always remembers in all our days of our life. He has you marked
in the palms of His hands.

Pastor Ray Brinson,
Victory Baptist Church, Nixa, MO

Raising Children

Proverbs 23:11-15


Withhold not
correction from the
child: for if thou
beatest him with the
rod, he shall not die.
- Proverbs 23:13
 Christians and non-Christians all across this
 globe are trying to find a more up-to-date
method of raising children than simply follow-
ing the Word of God.
As parents, it all boils down to who we choose
to honor the most in our life. Do we honor and
love God more than honor and love our kids
or vice-versa?
It may sound bad to say that we should love
God more than our kids, but that is exactly what
we should be doing. If we love and honor God
most, then it will actually increase our love
for our children. Then our honor willbe in the
proper perspective.
Firm, proper, and consistent (consistency is
very imporlant) discipline shows God and your
children who is greater and means the most in
your life. Your kids will grow up in a home
with a living example of who should have first
place in their life.
When they grow up and leave home they will know that God should
be lifted up above all else in their lives. Please also read about Eli
the priest and his sons, Hophni and Phinehas, in 1 Samuel 2:12-36,
noting especially what is stated in the last part of verse 30. There
is no greater how-to book than the Bible.
Pastor Travis Brice,
Lighthouse Baptist Church, New Iberia, LA

Who Wants a Million Dollars?

Matthew 16:21-28

Who Wants
a Million

For what is a man
profited, if he shall gain
the whole world, and
lose his own soul? or
what shall a man give in
exchange for his soul?
- Matthew 16:26
While visiting with my younger brother in
' ' the Villages in Florida, we went golfing on
one of their thirty golf courses. Families from
all over the country and around the world have
bought and built expensive homes around the
lakes, golf courses, restaurants, medical facili-
ties, and shopping malls.
Most of the homes were in the $250,000 to
$450,000 price range. One very beautiful and
very expensive home was located by a lake on
one of the golf courses and was in the $ 750,000
bracket. The owner had operated a large dairy
farm in the Evansville, Indiana area for many
years and then oil was discovered on his prop-
erty. As the oil was pumped out, the money
flowed in. He moved down to Florida to enjoy
his retirement. A local realtor came by and told
the owner, "I can get you a million dollars for
your house." The retired man replied, "What
would I want with a million dollars ?"
It brought to mind a sermon I used to preach entitled, "How to have
the benefits of a million dollars without having all those headaches
that would go along with it."
The Bible Christian knows that satisfaction, contentment, and ful-
fillment does not come with money. Kraft, Penney, Wannamaker,
Hughes, and dozens of others have testified to that. Jesus promised
that all things would be added to those who seek first the kingdom
of God and His righteousness (Matthew 6:33).True riches are found
in spiritual values and not material things. Someone said, 'Men
search through the books on the shelves of the town library trying
to discover the secrets of a fulfilled life, and the janitor sweeping
the floor has found it long ago in Jesus Christ."
Dr. Tom Wallace, Pastor Emeritus,
 Franklin Road Baptist Church, Murfreesboro, TN

The Impact Of The Gospel

The gospel made a huge, powerful.and.far
reaching impact on those who believed it.
1 Thessalonians 1:1-10

The Impact
of the Gospel

And these all, having
obtained a good report
through faith, received
not the promise:
- Hebrews 11:39
Paul preached the Gospel in word, power, in
the Holy Ghost, and in much assurance. The
Thessalonians believed, turned, and received
that they were never going to be the same again.
The Gospel had so profoundly impacted them
that others were reached.
First, understand that the Gospel is the greatest
message ever told. Jesus Christ dying for our
sins, being buried, and risen is the greatest news
any sinner could ever hear. It is the Gospel that
has the ability to change lives because it is the
power of God unto salvation (Romans 1:16).
Has the Gospel made an impact in your life?
The believer, even after many years, should
be powerfully impacted by the fact of Christ's
death, burial, and resurrection for them.
Secondly, the Gospel was given by messengers.
These messengers were not just relaying a truth,
they were Holy Spirit filled preachers. If we are to be truly effec-
tive as ambassadors for Christ, then we must be Holy Spirit filled.
They were preaching a message that changed their lives forever
and thus it was much easier to deliver. Do you tell others about
Christ as a truth owned?
Lastly, we see the great impact the Gospel had. It affected the preach-
ers, the Thessalonians, and places all around them! The whole region
was buzzing with the news that many pagans from Thessalonica
were now followers of Jesus Christ. They had turned to God from
their false idols. Has the Gospel so impacted your life that not just
you but those around have been influenced? Has the Gospel so
impacted your church that your community has been influenced?
Pastor James Gugino, Lighthouse Bible Baptist Church, Webster, NY
Today's Through the Bible Reading
Proverbs 28,29;2 Corinthians 7


Shooting Bible Bullets - MoneySavingQueen - April 2012

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Incline Your Heart Unto the Lord -

Incline Your Heart Unto the Lord
Read: Joshua 24:18-28

Joshua 24:23 (Whole Chapter)
Now therefore put away, said he, the strange gods which are among you, and incline your heart unto the LORD God of Israel.
                                                                                   Joshua was calling God's people to a renewed

 commitment of service and obedience to the

Lord. They responded by pledging to serve God

after which Joshua challenges them to "incline

your heart unto the LORD God of Israel." Our

hearts must be inclined toward the Lord, and

it is our responsibility to do so. If we are alert

and sensitive to our spiritual condition, we

can sense when our hearts are being inclined

toward or away from the Lord. We have a duty,

an obligation,-to incline our hearts in a Godly

direction. How is it that we might do this?

Joshua commanded the people to "put away"'

the strange gods which are among you..." Be-

fore they would be able to incline their hearts

toward The Lord, they would first have to put

away from their lives the objects of idolatry

that were present. The same is true for us. Our

hearts need to be inclined toward the Lord,

not to be drawn toward other things. What is

it that we have tolerated in our lives that distracts us from God and

He will? Perhaps it is leisure activities, or the pursuit of wealth or worldly success.  

Maybe it is prideful resistance to some part of

God's will for your life. Could it be selfishness about your time and

being unwilling to surrender your all to the Savior? Until these

these things are removed, the heart will not be inclined toward the Lord

as it should be.  The people then responded by saying' "His voice

will we obey." In order to keep our hearts inclined toward the Lord,

we must not only remove the-things that distract, but also we must

maintain a sincere commitment to obey the Word of God.  If we

will turn from besetting sins and love the things of God, our hearts

will be inclined toward Him.

Pastor Roberl A. Sorensen,
 Bethany Baptist Church, Ava, MO
 Today's Through the Bible Reading

Jeremiah 31,32; Titus 2


What Does Your Love Say? -

Text: 1 John 5:1-5

What Does Your Love Say?

1 John 5:3 (Whole Chapter)
For this is the love of God, that we keep his commandments: and his commandments are not grievous.

   When I started courting my wife in Bible

College,  she went to our pastor and asked

him what questions she should ask me to make

sure I was a good man. He instructed her to ask

me if I tithed.  He said, "If he says he loves

the Lord and does not give to the Lord, then

likewise he will tell you he loves you and not

give to you." This is very sound wisdom and

I've have seen many a spouse say they love the

other, but their actions state the opposite.

Just like in our text, if we say we love the Lord

and we don't obey, give, and serve Him, then

something is amiss.  Love is more action than

it is feeling;  so how is our love manifested in

our lives? What do our actions say about our

real love for the Lord? 1 John 4:20 states, "If a

man say,  I love God, and hateth his brother, he

is a liar! for he that loveth not his brother whom

he hath seen, how can he love God whom he

hath not seen?"  There needs to be a consistency

between what we say and what we do.

So, as I look at my life today, is what I say illustrated by my

actions? If not then I need to confess my lack of consistency.  Then

I need to make this a part of my daily prayer life; analyzing and

asking God to speak and empower my love be genuine.

Matthew 6:24,

"'No man can serve two masters: for either he will
hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and

despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon."

Pastor Jerry Beaver,
Tabernacle Baptist Church,

Roswell, NM

 Today's Through the Bible Reading

Ezekiel 17,18,19; Hebrews 13


Living A Trouble Free Life -

Living a Trouble
Free Life

John 14:1 (Whole Chapter)
Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me.

Are you weary? No need to be. Are you heavy
''hearted? No need for that either. Do you have
troubles? Are you carrying a heavy load? if
so, there is something you can do about it. Dr.
Curtis Hutson used to say, " I am the only one
who can mess up my day." He refused to allow
health problems, finances, weather conditions,
people, or any circumstances or situations to rob
him of God's blessings. I can do that too, and
so can you. Jesus spoke of" being free indeed."
We can live above the circumstances. In this
passage, there are four reasons given to enable
me to do this.

.. First, we have peace. The Bible speaks of
(Romans 5;1),- peace with God, Romans 5:l),  peace of God
(Philippians 4 : 6,7), and peace with people and
our surroundings (John- 14:27). This peace is
(John 14:1) available outside of an intensive care room,
or by a casket at the funeral home. There is a
place. There is Heaven. We have His Word on
it. As we read about the place He has gone to prepare, we can rise
up above despair. We have an inheritance, incorruptible, undefiled,
that fadeth not away (l Peter l:3-4). Also, we have a promise: "
I will come again." The excitement of His soon coming will turn
mountains into molehills. Lastly, we have the person. Jesus is the
only Person qualified to get us into Heaven. He is the solution to
our problems. He is the answer to our questions. He is not a best
way, or one of the ways, He is the only way. "Come unto me," He
said, "and I will give you rest."

Dr. Tom Wallace, Pastor Emeritus,
Franklin Road Baptist Church, Murfreesboro, TN

Today's Through the Bible Reading
Ezekiel 47,48; I John 1